Storage / Inventory Control

Our secure storage facility

Sterling can meet all your long and short term storage needs in our 98,000 square foot state-of- the-art storage facility. Our secure warehouse is climate controlled with 24 hour video surveillance.

With over 20 years of experience protecting our customers’ stored assets, we have an extensive inventory control and management system. Upon entering our warehouse, every item is logged into our asset management program which starts with a complete inventory and description. Our system is updated daily and always maintains the exact location of your items. They are securely stored and available when you require them.

Our proven track record of security and highly efficient inventory control allows you to meet all your storage needs worry free. You can be secure in the knowledge that when required, your equipment will be delivered back to you quickly. Most importantly, you will receive everything in the same condition as when it was first put in storage. Call us today to discuss your storage needs.