Building Decommissioning

building decommissioning services

An often overlooked, but important part of the moving process is building decommissioning. The means returning the now empty space back to the condition required by the terms of the old lease. Sterling can help you meet these back end requirements. We help you make sure that your company receives its security deposit and is not charged hold over penalties and costly fines.

We start at returning the space to simple “broom clean” conditions and repairing holes in drywall. We also offer a variety of other important decommissioning services such as:

•  Painting and carpet
•  Electrical
•  Telecom
•  Carpentry repairs
•  Chemical waste removal
•  Shredding
•  Electronics and furniture recycling
•  Rolling back data and T1 lines
•  Disposal of obsolete equipment
•  Warehousing excess inventory

Sterling provides all these services which allow you to focus on your new space.